Give your employees health care, without buying health insurance.

No Paperwork.

No Waiting Period.

No Qualifying Eligibility.

Just Grateful Employees.

Admin-free & financially viable.

You no longer have to be a large, lucrative employer to access the benefits of direct contracting in healthcare.


Partner with Sibi Health to give your employees access to our network of fixed-price & high-quality doctor, dentist, eye & therapy appointments.


You maintain control over your finances, and your employees get access to great care. It's a win-win.

Select your Plan:


Sibi Basic

Sign-up and forget about it - we handle onboarding, communication, questions, and follow-ups. When we say admin-free, we mean it.

Per person/mo



Sibi Plus

Sibi Basic + financial support for your employees. Provide gift cards employees can use for appointments. $25 each, $1,000 each, it’s up to you.

Gift cards starting at:



Sibi Concierge

Unique situations? That's our specialty. Offer your employees one-on-one help finding & paying for the care they need with Sibi Concierge.




Your employees will thank you

(and so will your bank account)


Let's make finding & paying for healthcare as simple and stress-free as possible.

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