Health care for the gig economy.

So long, surprise bills!

Lock-in pricing for doctor, dentist, eye & therapy appointments. Get in-person and virtual care from board-certified providers. Save time & money.

Worry-free booking:

- Free cancellation up to 24 hours before your appointment

- Full refund if the provider doesn't provide the services purchased

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" Under 1% of patients use this trick to save on medical bills –

I did, and I saved $400"


How Sibi Health finds you the best care.

Doctors hate dealing with bills after an appointment. By paying upfront using your credit or debit card, you get savings & price certainty, and doctors are guaranteed payment. It's a win-win.

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local board-certified doctors & pre-set service prices for in-person and video visits.

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Select, Book & Pay

for the appointment that works best for you using a credit, debit, or HSA/FSA card.

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Receive Care

from your doctor. (Really, that's it.)


Anyone can use Sibi Health

Sibi Health is made for you.
Have an HSA, HRA, or FSA card?
Use your card as normal with Sibi Health.
Insured but have a high deductible?
If you're unlikely to meet your deductible, Sibi Health is likely cheaper than using your insurance.
Insured but want to avoid the insurance hassle?
Pay with your credit or debit card through Sibi Health.
Something else? Let us know   
Save money with Sibi Health
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